Holistic Coaching by Maryi

Helping Holistic Entrepreneurs Meet Their Potential

Are you a holistic healer, teacher, coach, artist, or writer who is ready to dramatically improve your business and life?

I help holistic entrepreneurs to grow their business and achieve greater personal and financial success and freedom.

I want you to become confident in inspiring and impacting others through your own holistic business platforms.

Do you want to take your work to a new level and enhance wellness on a personal, community, and even a global level?

Now is the time to launch yourself to higher levels of service and connection through your holistic business and online presence.

I’ll support you to get a clearer focus on your mission and help you develop a strategy that makes sense on how to achieve your highest business goals.

You will become confident on how to build your business through serving your community in a heart-conscious way.

I support holistic entrepreneurs, wellness practitioners, and community leaders to grow your audience, share your message, and help more people.

Receive the support to confidently share your important mission with an experienced guide by your side.

You can grow your holistic business and make a difference in the world today.

More Than Just a Business Coach

I will help you grow your holistic business with my years of experience and own business success in the following areas (and more):

Grow a thriving online platform

Grow your tribe online via your website and social media profiles to reach a wider audience.

Create Mindful Programs & Packages

Productize your knowledge and expertise into helpful and effective service packages to sell your customers.

Build your email list

Emails and mobile phone numbers are the path to success. Building those lists will increase your reach and potential for success.

Reach More People

Generate publicity through writing and speaking to people who would benefit from hearing your message!

Clarify Your Goals

Gain clarity on how to achieve your goals by setting goals that are attainable sooner rather than later in order to ultimately achieve your endgoal.

Streamline Your Time

Create systems to achieve your goals with the highest impact and greatest ease by minimizing redundant processes.

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